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Hello, I'm Deola

I sell my Digital art as NFTs

Digital Artist and Comic Illustrator.

NFT Portfolio


  • Opensea
  • Foundation
  • Rarible
  • Objkt

NFT Collections

Opensea Collections

  • Inner Bliss

    Inner Bliss

    This collection contains hand-drawn digital paintings, based on amazing female references and friends. Each piece invokes a feeling of joy and gladness, created using colors and scenes that shined bright through my eyes

  • Mono Girls

    Mono Girls

    A collection of unique monochrome girls that celebrates the flexibility of our existence.

  • Nebuloid Celestials

    Nebuloid Celestials

    Nebuloid Celestials are mysterious, faceless beings with unique powers. They also create nebuloids and imbue them with strong personalities for unique purposes.

  • Balloon Comics #2

    Balloon Comics #2

    Balloon Comics is a banter comics series that is focused on democratizing comic and meme culture. This is a collection of the second Issue of the Balloon Comics characters.

  • Coats of Many Colors

    Coats of Many Colors

    Coats of many colors is a collection that highlights the story of 7 black women and their struggle with the themselves.



  • Expression of self

    Expression of self


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